Bulk Material Transport and Handling Systems

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Week 1:Introduction to Mining Systems: Classification of Mining systems and the bulk material handling systems; Properties of bulk material vis-a-vis different bulk handling operations; Fundamentals of Mine Transport: Capacity and Productivity Concepts; Bulk material handling in Processing plants: Crushing and Screening Flow Charts.
Week 2:Automous Vehicle for bulk material transport; Belt Conveyor: Constructional components: Trends of Developments; Belting for Bulk Material Conveyor; Belt Cleaners and Idlers.Week 3:Feed and Discharge Devices; Safety and Troubleshooting; Conveyor Design Calculations: Size selection and Power calculation; Hydraulic Conveying System: Principle of operations and applicability.Week 4:Basic design Calculations; Pneumatic Conveying: Principle of operations and applicability; Basic design Calculations; Stacking, blending and reclaiming; Stackers and reclaimers Classification and their selection criteria.Week 5:Comparison of various types of stackers; Comparison of various types of Reclaimers; Case studies of stacker and reclaimers application; System LayoutWeek 6:Bin, Bunker and Silo: Bulk Solids Flow Properties and Application to Design; Case studies examples to illustrate operational problems and how they were overcome; Feeder Selection and Design; Mineral Processing Plant Equipment; Crushers: Classification and selection.Week 7:Screen: Classification and Selection; Monitoring and maintenance of Processing plant Equipment; Gravity concentration – separation exploiting the differences in specific gravity of minerals via the use of centrifugal concentrators; Size classification – screening, de-sliming, cycloning.Week 8:Froth flotation techniques, Magnetic separation; Jigs and Thickeners; Case Studies of Coal Washery Equipment and Practices; In-pit Crushing and Conveying System: Classification and selection; Case studies.
Week 9:Transportation Machinery for Surface Mines: Off-Highway trucks and Haul Roads; Recent Developments: hybrid system of transportation; RopeCon, Pipe Belt Conveyor; Aerial Ropeways: Basic design.
Week 10:Transportation Machinery for Underground Mines: Rope Haulage; Locomotive; Low profile dumper.
Week 11:Introduction to Cage and Skip Winding; Winding calculations; Safety and mainteance; Case Studies.
Week 12:Automation and Monitoring: Basic Principles; Automation and online monitoring of bulk material handling system.