Building Your Leadership Skills

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  • Your inspirational leadership journey
    • In this module, you will discover a new approach to leadership, the savoir-relier, which is based on the capacity to build quality and trustworthy relationships. You will hear and watch people who have embarked on the same journey as you who will share their stories and their experience with Savoir-Relier. You will see why it is so inspiring for them in their life and find your own motivation to participate. You will reflect on your inspiration to lead and your personal leadership references to give an orientation to your personal leadership journey. You will capture the value of the step by step process which will help you define your leadership style. So get started and enjoy the journey with us!
  • Introspection to grow your self-awareness and sensibility
    • In this module, you will get to know yourself better thanks to introspection and measure the true value of this exercise.You will enter a sensory experience to develop your sensible skills, particularly increase your empathy and attention to others through fun built in exercises and quizzes like looking at a painting and sharing what you see, think and how you feel when focusing on it.You will understand the role of subjective thoughts in the way you interact with people and practice active listening.
  • The Duo, learning to manage quality relationships
    • In this module, you will acquire the knowledge and skills that sense carries: using intuition to make decisions, giving a direction and vision for your projects and life.You will interact with people who like you will write a self-portrait and share their personal questions and stories in the conversation exercise. From this you will gain self-confidence and build quality and trustworthy relationships. You will define your own leadership challenge so you can improve your leadership skills. This third module is going to be absolutely unique and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to make a new friend.The Duo (=Conversation) is our second step of the savoir-relier protocol. It will give you energy and relief in the discovery of quality relationships and, who knows, perhaps you will meet your future best friend along the way of this Duo.