Building Human Connection in a Digital World

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Harness the power of technology to connect better with others on and offline

This course will help you to better understand how technology is changing the way we interact and reflect on ways we can use technology to reduce social isolation.

Over two weeks, you’ll build your skills in communication, collaboration and critical thinking, as you explore how technology can be used to solve the challenge of isolation.

How does the online world impact communication?

Alongside a global community of learners, you’ll examine the highs and lows of online communication – exploring how it can impact people’s well-being and the barriers that need to be overcome to create meaningful and truthful connections in the online world.

Using lockdown as a case in point, you’ll also have the chance to think about how technology can help to foster digital connections when physical closeness isn’t possible!

What’s the problem with fake news online?

Technology today means information can be instantly shared around the world at the click of a button.

Using COVID-19 as a case study, you’ll learn about the impact of online misinformation on our society.

You’ll consider how tech can instead be used to create fact-based online communities and in turn improve human interaction online.

Tackle social isolation with technology

The final step of this course invites you to innovate and create a product, service, or app that will help end isolation. You’ll be encouraged to think critically and thoughtfully about how technology might solve social isolation in the future.

You’ll also learn tips and tools that will help you to prepare your idea for entry into Samsung’s tech for good competition, Solve for Tomorrow, that’s open to all 18 to 25-year-olds in the UK.

This course is primarily designed for 18 to 25-year-olds interested in how technology can be used to put a stop to social isolation.

This course draws on teachings and conversation with Matteo Bergamini, Jag Minhas, Lady Leshurr, Liv Little, and Rachel Monteagudo, who are all passionate about building human connections using technology.

You’ll be encouraged to engage with the course experts on every step of the course and discuss as you learn with your fellow learners taking the course around the world.