Building expertise on developing sustainable and resilient infrastructure

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Week 0: Welcome & Introduction
Course Overview
Definition of and introduction into sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Week 1: Infrastructure and the Environment
Challenges on the environmental system and how sustainable and resilient infrastructure can help to relieve them.
Introduction into SuRe® Standard.
SuRe® Standard and the environment and practical applications.

Week 2: Infrastructure and the Society
How sustainable and resilient infrastructure help to promote a better society.
SuRe® Standard and the society and practical applications.

Week 3: The Governance of Infrastructure
The Governance of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Projects.
SuRe® and Project Governance and practical applications.

Week 4: Tools for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure – the SuRe® Standard
Introduction and applications of tools that assist the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Week 5: Sustainable Infrastructure Procurement
Principles of sustainable infrastructure procurement and their implementation.

Week 6: Synthesis and final course work.
Reflection and learning application on a specific project in a written essay.