Building Data Visualization Tools

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  • Welcome to Building Data Visualization Tools
    • Before we get started, we'll take a quick overview of the course.
  • Plotting with ggplot2
    • Now, we'll dive into creating and customizing ggplot2 plots.
  • Mapping and interactive plots
    • Mapping is a critical part of many data visualizations. During this module, we'll teach you how to create simple and dynamic maps with ggplot2 and ggmap, how to overlay data, and how to create chloropleth maps of US counties.
  • The grid Package
    • The grid package in R implements the primitive graphical functions that underly the ggplot2 plotting system. In this module, you'll learn how to work with grid to build graphics.
  • Building New Graphical Elements
    • Building and modifying a theme in ggplot2 is a key feature of the ggplot2 package and system for building data graphics. In this final module, you'll learn to build a new theme and modifying existing themes with new features.