Building Cost Estimation Simplified

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The course on building cost estimation has been developed based on the course ET521(D) - “Quantity surveying and Valuation” which was part of B Tech in Construction Management offered in the past by IGNOU.
Through this online course, we wish to simplify the basics of how the cost of building works are estimated. Once the architect prepares the preliminary drawings, the quantity surveyor calculates the cost of construction using rate and quantities. This course teaches you about this process.
Some of the topics which will be covered would be estimation, analysis of rates and bills of building works.
This course would be useful for anyone who wishes to work as a quantity surveyor, project manager or who wishes to undertake a personal construction project (for eg: one’s own residence). The course covers topics which are prescribed in the syllabus for undergraduate students pursuing B-Tech in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Architecture in Indian universities.

Course Credit: 2