Building Cloud Native and Multicloud

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  • Cloud Native and Multicloud Concepts and Goals
    • In this module, we will discuss the goals of and approach for creating Cloud Native (CN) applications.
  • Migrating Apps to Advantage Cloud Infrastructure
    • In this module, we will describe the three transformational paths to modernizing applications and begin by exploring the infrastructure migration path.
  • Modernizing Applications to be CN
    • In this module, you will learn about modernizing applications using cloud-native design principles beginning by contrasting a legacy, monolithic application architecture to a modern microservice architecture. We will discuss the numerous advantages of adopting a microservice architecture and visualize it using a sample application.
  • Applying CI/CD to CN Applications
    • In this module, you will learn about the concepts, principles, and practices that guide Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment, CI/CD. You will also become familiar with tools for implementing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Managing Applications in Multicloud Deployments
    • In this module, you will learn about the types of hybrid and multicloud architectures, their benefits, and why organizations might consider adopting such cloud deployment strategies.

      You will become familiar with how OpenShift can help organizations build and run workloads across multiple cloud platforms. You will understand how OpenShift accomplishes this through a common interface and toolset.
  • Final Project
    • In this final project, we will apply the skills that we have learned from several lessons in this course and put them into practice by building upon the work completed in the Applying CI-CD to CN applications Hands-on Lab in Module 4. As a pre-requisite to the final project, successful completion of the Hands-on Lab: Applying CI-CD to CN Applications in Module 4 of this course is required.

      Before beginning the final assignment, please complete the Exercise: Update Pipeline to run on Git Commits.