Build Data Analysis and Transformation Skills in R using DPLYR

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Congratulations you've made it to Part 2 of the DPLYR series! In a moment you will be taken to Rhyme where a Virtual Machine with R, R Studio and DPLYR awaits. Once there you will begin the Project where you will be introduced to the Rhyme Interface and subsequently learn how to use the DPLYR verbs in a more advanced way by building on the foundation learned in the previous course. Come in, get experience using R and learn new ways to use the dplyr functions.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
To practice the basic dplyr functions and how they are used
To learn advanced features of the dplyr verb 'mutate'
To implement the verb mutate over a data set in place of a 'for loop'
To continue thinking in dplyr verb phrases (ex. filter, aggregate, and transform data)