Build and Implement Microservices Patterns

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  • Building Microservices
    • As the focus of software industry has shifted towards an agile development methodology and full stack, the size of the development teams is getting reduced. Today, software development is broken into smaller components so that it is easy to design, develop, deploy, and maintain applications. Welcome to the world of microservices!
      In this learning sprint, you will be introduced to microservices. You will learn to create an application with multiple microservices using Node.js and manage its functioning using the Discovery Service and API Gateway. The demos and hands-on practice provided will enhance your confidence in developing microservices.
  • Establishing Communication between Microservices
    • Microservices cannot function as stand-alone units, they need to communicate with each other for the effective working of any distributed application. They can communicate with each other synchronously or asynchronously.
      This learning sprint will enable you to implement synchronous and asynchronous means of communication between microservices using request-response model and RabbitMQ. You will be provided scenario based practices and challenges to help you independently establish communication between microservices in real world situations.