Bonds and Bands in Solids

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Week-1 : One-electron Hamiltonian after B.O and SCF approx..
Week-2 : Bonding in Hn System, n=2,3….N Week-3 : Bloch’s theorem, Energy bands, Metal, Insulator, Semi-conductors
Week-4 : Brillouin Zones, Different Schemes, Density of States Week-5 : Extension to p-orbitals, square lattices etc Week-6 : Peiperl’s instability, Nearly Free Electron Model
Week-7 : Fermi Surface, Density of States, Effective Mass etc.,
Week-8 : Failures of MO and Band Theories, Beyond energy band
Week-9 : Interacting electron models and Kinetic exchange
Week-10 : Energy levels in interacting models, Excitons
Week-11 : Lattice, vibrations, Acoustic modes, optic modes etc.,
Week-12 : Phonon Photon interaction, thermal properties of insulators