Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

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Welcome & Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction to Blockchain

  • This section covers some of the technical aspects that comprise a blockchain and explain why blockchain is different and "works" in comparison with technologies of the past.

Chapter 2. Governance and Consensus

  • This section covers the various methods of blockchain governance that currently exist in the marketplace as well as how consensus fits into governance. It also covers various levels of governance and how it works with both public and permissioned blockchains.

Chapter 3. Blockchain Problem Solving

  • This section takes a look at the very specific features of blockchain that solve problems that have been difficult to solve in the past with more centralized architectures.

Chapter 4. Blockchain Use Cases

  • This section covers various use cases of blockchain. It examines the problem, and then depicts a blockchain use case that solves the problem.

Final Exam