Blended Learning: Personalizing Education for Students

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  • Introduction and Blended Learning Models
    • An overview, definition, and introduction to several different models of blended learning.
  • Creating the Ideal Student Experience
    • Learn how educators are redesigning schools and the use of time and teachers to create their most ideal blended learning environment. Explore how to help students transition smoothly from traditional education to blended learning.
  • Rethinking the Role of the Teacher
    • Discover how the role of the teacher is changing in blended learning environments. What parts of the job stay the same and what is different? How does an organization support teachers in making the transition to blended learning?
  • Redesigning a School
    • How can we challenge our assumptions about the ways that schools have always been organized and run? How do leaders manage the change as their organizations transition from traditional models to blended learning?
  • Making Hardware, Software, and Space Decisions
    • Explore the choices you have to make around your software, hardware, and facilities, and how to make sure they support your educational model.
  • Prototyping and the Innovation Process
    • Learn the steps of the design process to begin development of your own blended learning implementation.