Blended Language Learning: Design and Practice for Teachers

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  • Blended Language Learning: Definitions, Benefits, Challenges, and Effectiveness
    • In this module, you will learn about the origins of the blended learning model and about the effectiveness of this model compared to other modalities. You will also learn about the affordances, benefits, and challenges of blended language learning for teachers and students.
  • Building a Blended Language Course (Course Level Considerations)
    • In this module, you will discover the various types of blended formats and learn how to decide which part of a course to deliver online and which part to deliver face-to-face. You will learn to build a blended syllabus, explain the role of the LMS and learn about the importance of designing ADA compliant blended language courses
  • Building a Blended Learning Course (Unit Level Considerations)
    • In this module, we are going to cover unit level considerations. You will learn to design a blended unit containing a mini online lesson, several practice activities, and an assessment plan. You will learn about the many strategies and technology tools you can use to present content online.
  • Teaching Strategies, Optional Peer-Reviewed Assignment, and GRTE Registration
    • In this module, we are going to discuss blended teaching strategies. A blended course is a mix between a F2F course and a fully online course, so you will need to use teaching from both environments. At the end of this module, you will be able to define the three elements of the Community of Inquiry framework: teaching presence, cognitive presence, and social presence and discuss ways to establish each type of presence online. You will also learn to design effective and efficient ways to provide feedback and grade assignments in a blended course and finally, you will be able to compare and contrast the affordances of synchronous and asynchronous activities. This module concludes with an optional peer-reviewed assignment. If you are seeking graduate credits for this course, the peer-reviewed assessment is required.