Bioreactor Design and Analysis

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This is a core course suitable for undergraduate or postgraduate students interested in the area of bioprocess engineering or biological engineering. The course introduces the student to design principles of batch, fed-batch and continuous bioreactors. Mass and heat transfer requirements for a given fermentation system will be discussed. The student will also be able to identify suitable criterion for the scale-up of bioprocesses and characterize non-ideality in bioreactors, if present.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students with a background in Biotechnology/ Bioprocess Engineering/Biochemical Engineering/Chemical Engineering
PREREQUISITES : The student is expected to have a basic knowledge of mathematics Prerequisite courses can be Material and Energy Balances, Biological Rate processes, Enzyme science and EngineeringINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All biotechnology based/fermentation Industries. SMEs/Companies dealing with production of compounds via microbial/plant/animal cell fermentations