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C-PSY-03: BIO PSYCHOLOGY   Objectives:    To explore the biological basis of experience and behaviour.    To develop an understanding of the influence of behaviour, cognition, and the environment on   bodily system.    To develop an appreciation of the neurobiological basis of psychological function and dysfunction.   Unit 1: Introduction to biopsychology: Nature and scope; Methods and ethics in biopsychology;   Divisions of biopsychology.   Unit 2: The Functioning brain: Structure and functions of neurons; Neural conduction and synaptic   transmission.   Unit 3: Organization of Nervous system: CNS & PNS: Structure and functions. Functional abnormalities   of neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin hypothesis. Neuroplasticity of Brain (neural degeneration,   neural regeneration, and neural reorganization).   Unit 4: Neuroendocrine system: Structure, functions and abnormalities of major glands: Thyroid,   Adrenal, Gonads, Pituitary, Pancreas and Pineal