Biomolecules: Structure, Function in Health and Disease

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Descripción del Curso

SWAYAM Course Syllabus:Biomolecules: Structure Function in Health & Disease
Week 1
Chemical bonds:Different types of Bonds, Bond energies,Bond Angles etc, Water:The molecule of life,Aqueous Solution,Acids & Bases,Measurements of pH, Henderson Haselbatch equation,Titration Curve & pK values,Buffers
Week 2
Amino acids, chirality, peptide bond and polypeptides,Structural levels of proteins and Stabilizing forces,Conformational properties of polypeptides and Ramachandran plot
Week 3
Turns, loops, Super secondary structures, motifs and domains in proteins,Structures and function of Fibrous Proteins,Structure and function of Actin and myosins
Week 4
Hemoglobin, Myoglobin and Oxygen binding,Role of Protein Structure in Health and Disease,Assessment 1
Week 5
Protein Seperation Techniques: Centrifugation & Chromatography,Protein sequencing
Week 6
Methods of structure determination of proteins : X-ray, NMR, CD etc,Clinical Proteomics
Week 7
Antigen-Antibody Complex and their Applications in Immunology,Protein-Ligand(Small Molecules including drugs) interaction
Week 8
Components of Nucleic Acids,Conformational parameters of Nucleic acids and DNA double helix,DNA Polymorphism
Week 9
Circular DNA,Supercoil DNA
Week 10
Interactions of small molecules (ions, drugs ) with DNA,Different types and structures of RNA
Week 11
DNA-Protein interactions,Assessment 2
Week 12
Introduction to Carbohydrates,Structures of polysaccharides,Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, Nomenclature of fatty acids and Essential and non-essential fatty acids
Week 13
Glycoproteins and Proteoglycons,Classification of Lipids: simple and compound lipids, phospholipids, Cholesterol,Micelles and Liposomes : Applications in biology and medicine
Week 14
Lipids: extraction, separation and analysis,Components and architecture of Cell membrane,Various membrane models including Fluid-mosaic model
Week 15
Cholesterol and its role in health and disease,Interrealtionship of Biomolecules : System Biology,Epigenetics and Human Diseases,Final Assessment