Biomembranes and Bioenergetics

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Week 1: Biomembrane structure and composition, Biomembrane asymmetry and fluidity, Fluid Mosaic Model of biological membrane, Model membrane systemsWeek 2: Membrane dynamics. Membrane lipids. Membrane proteins. RBC membrane architecture
Week 3: Transport of metabolites across the plasma membrane, Passive and active transport, Symport and antiport systems, ATP-powered pumpsWeek 4: Na+/K+ ATPases and Ca2+ ATPases, Secondary active Transporters, ABC family of transporters, Vesicular transportWeek 5: Ion channels, Principles of chemical thermodynamics – concept of free energy, enthalpy and entropy, Equilibruim state, open and closed systems, Oxidation-reduction reactions and reduction potentialWeek 6: Nernst equation and free energy changes, Role of ATP in cellular Metabolism, Chemiosmotic theory, Universal electron carriersWeek 7: Types of phosphorylation, Oxidative phosphorylation and Mitochondrial electron transport, Inhibitors of ETC and uncouplers, GlycolysisWeek 8: TCA cycle, Beta oxidation of fatty acids, Thermogenesis, Alternative respiratory pathways in plants,Week 9: Photosynthetic pigments, Photophosphorylation in plants, Molecular analysis of photosystems I and II, Z scheme of photosynthetic electron flowWeek 10: Practical 1. Differential staining of WBC 2. RBC ghost cell preparation and study of effects on membranes 3. Study of photosynthetic oxygen evolution in Hydrilla plant.Week 11: Discussion/InteractionWeek 12: Discussion/Interaction