Biomedical nanotechnology

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Week 1: Introduction to nano, Nano-biomimicry, Synthesis of nanomaterials by physical and chemical methods, Synthesis of nanomaterials by biological methods, Characterisation of nanomaterials.
Week 2: DNA nanotechnology, Protein & glyco nanotechnology, Lipid nanotechnology, Bio-nanomachines, Carbon nanotube and its bio-applications.
Week 3: Nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis, Nanomaterials for cancer therapy, Nanotechnology in tissue engineering, Nano artificial cells, Nanotechnology in organ printing.
Week 4:Nanotechnology in point-of-care diagnostics, Nanopharmacology & drug targeting, Cellular uptake mechanisms of nanomaterials, In vitro methods to study antibacterial and anticancer properties of nanomaterials, Nanotoxicology.