Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

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Since last two decades, researchers worldwide have drawn their attention to biomass based fuels as well as other value added products as biomass is not only renewable but also CO2 neutral. This course will provide an insight to the basics of biomass, various conversion technologies and the different types of products that can be obtained upon successful conversion. In first few lectures types biomass, their structure and composition has been discussed followed by details on various pre-treatment technologies currently adapted to produce cellulose. Later on conversion technologies basics along with reactor design for physical, chemical, thermal and microbial conversion techniques has been covered in detail. The next part of the course deals with various products such as biofuels, platform chemicals, polymers etc. Finally, integrated biorefinery concepts, types of biorefinery along with LCA and TEA has been added. The course will enable students to develop necessary skills to design appropriate biomass based fractionation technique as per the need.
Final year BE/B.Tech., ME/M.Tech./MS/MSc and PhD studentsPREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All industries that process biomass to various products such as biofuels, platform chemicals and other value- added products