BioInformatics: Algorithms and Applications

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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science for analyzing and interpreting vast biological data using computational techniques. In this course, we aim to give a walkthrough of the major aspects of bioinformatics such as the development of databases, computationally derived hypothesis, algorithms, and computer-aided drug design. During the first section of the course, we will focus on DNA and protein sequence databases and analysis, secondary structures and 3D structural analysis. The second section will be devoted to applications such as prediction of protein structure, folding rates, stability upon mutation, and intermolecular interactions. Further, we will cover computer-aided drug design using docking and QSAR studies. This course is designed to nurture skills and knowledge required for aspiring students, young biologists and research scholars to develop algorithms and tools in bioinformatics.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Students, PhD scholars, teachers, industryPRE-REQUISITES: Basic knowledge of Biology and any computer language would be helpfulINDUSTRY SUPPORT: Cognizant, TCS