Big Data – Capstone Project

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  • Simulating Big Data for an Online Game
    • This week we provide an overview of the Eglence, Inc. Pink Flamingo game, including various aspects of the data which the company has access to about the game and users and what we might be interested in finding out.
  • Acquiring, Exploring, and Preparing the Data
    • Next, we begin working with the simulated game data by exploring and preparing the data for ingestion into big data analytics applications.
  • Data Classification with KNIME
    • This week we do some data classification using KNIME.
  • Clustering with Spark
    • This week we do some clustering with Spark.
  • Graph Analytics of Simulated Chat Data With Neo4j
    • This week we apply what we learned from the 'Graph Analytics With Big Data' course to simulated chat data from Catch the Pink Flamingos using Neo4j. We analyze player chat behavior to find ways of improving the game.
  • Reporting and Presenting Your Work
  • Final Submission