BHC-013: Event Coordination and Control

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Practitioners in the event industry are placing a lot of emphasis on the techniques of event management. This Course provides knowledge about event coordination, event execution, control systems, event evaluation and a range of events that will enable aspiring event organisers to choose the area of their liking as a profession.

Event coordination and execution, also called the production process explains event set-up, execution, and show calling. Food and beverage, and technological requirements have been specially highlighted as these go in as significant elements in creating a valuable and experiential event. This Course also provides a comprehensive understanding of control and evaluation of events, as performance measures have to be achieved to measure the success of an event. Another exciting aspect about this Course is the focus on a spectrum of events / special events that will build an understanding of the area to choose as a profession, along with strengthening your knowledge in these areas.

This Course is ideal for those who want to enter the event management profession or for those who are already working in the industry or for those who want to start their own event business.

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