BFDI-072: Basics of Pattern Making and Sewing

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Week 1

Methods of Pattern Making and Tools for Pattern Making

Week 2

Body Measurement and Pattern Information and Marking

Week 3

Handling of Sewing Machine and Sewing Needles and Stitch Formation

Week 4

Basic Sewing Techniques

Week 5

Steps of Garment Construction

Week 6

Activity 1: Taking Body Measurement

Week 7

Activity 2: Drafting of Basic Blocks

Week 8

Activity 3 and 4: Create patterns with all makings and Practice on the use of French Curve and other tools for arm hole, Neckline etc

Week 9

Activity 5 and 6: Working with fabric grain and Basic Hand Stitches

Week 10

Activity 7 and 8: Practice of threading, oiling and handling and care of the sewing machine and machine control exercise.

Week 11

Activity 9 and 10: To Identify perfect seam and Samples of Plain Seam and its finishing

Week 12

Activity 11 and 12: Samples of Various Seams and Samples of disposal and control of fullness.