Beyond Brockhaus Thinking: With Design Thinking to a Networked Culture

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Design Thinking is an innovation approach, which evolved through the past 10 years from a university program at Stanford and HPI Potsdam to a globally respected and universally applied set of methods and tools for supporting and driving change towards a networked culture in organizations.

The course is an introduction to the core principles of Design Thinking, explains its cultural impact and inspires to actively use Design Thinking at the organizational level.

The course is valuable for decision makers, who want to get an idea about the strategic underpinnings of design thinking. They will learn the terminology and get a better understanding, why and how to use Design Thinking to make the transformation towards a networked organization.

The course is not a substitute for a real design thinking-workshop, which will give - at its best - the deep and diverse team experience in a creative environment to the participants. But it helps, to get a better understanding of the core concepts behind Design Thinking and supports the development of their transformational strategy.

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