BEE-03: Management of Power Distribution

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Power distribution utilities in India are faced with many challenges today. Improving the quality and reliability of supply, providing it at affordable cost to the consumer and at the same time ensuring the profitability of the enterprise are some of their major concerns.

Improving the performance of power distribution systems to meet the required targets is not only a matter of selecting the most cost-effective technologies and operating practices. It is also a matter of managing the workplace, finances, materials and the projects on a turnkey basis.

This course on Management of Power Sector has been designed to sensitize you to the modern management methods and approaches relevant to the power distribution sector. It presents various aspects of management essential for a manager to understand the working of the sector and function effectively in a power distribution utility.

Principles of Management presents different aspects of management. It focuses on the functions of a manager, the importance of customer relationship management, promoting customer involvement and participation in meeting the challenges before the power distribution sector and the management of conflict.

Change Management in power Distribution wherein we discuss the concepts and process of change, the importance of people in change management, certain emerging developments and conditions required for effecting the change smoothly. Project Development and Implementation discusses how to develop and implement projects on a turnkey basis.

Communication Skills and Motivation, we discuss the importance of communication, the skills required for communication and certain issues and aspects related to motivation. Finally, Financial Management, we present the basic accounting principles, preparation of financial statements, elements of financial analysis and cost management.