Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Getting Started

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the course! You'll receive an introduction to the course structure and tools you'll use throughout each week. You'll meet the social entrepreneurs who will be sharing their stories in this course, and begin to think about what it means to be a social entrepeneur.
  • Immersion
    • In this week, you'll learn more about immersion and what it takes to be fully integrated into a problem and its context before you can begin to solve it. You'll also work on your own immersion plan.
  • Ideas
    • In this week, you'll take a critical look at your own ideas and the ideas of others. What makes a good idea, and why is it worth pursuing?
  • Be Ready for the Challenge
    • This week, you'll reflect on the idea of 'necessity' and dive more deeply into your own ecosystem mapping. You'll also spend time hearing from the social entrepreneurs on their own personal challenges.
  • You, Social Entrepreneur
    • This week, you'll learn more about what your own needs and the support you will need moving forward with your idea.