Become a CBRS Certified Professional Installer by Google

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This six-module program, developed by Google, will train you to be a Certificated Professional Installer (CPI) of radios which utilize the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band to provide communications infrastructure. You can expect to leave this training with the skills you need to get started as a Certified Professional Installer.

Through a mix of video lectures, step-by-step explanations, and quizzes, the program will introduce you to CBRS terminology and concepts, the role of a CPI, and how to fulfill your responsibilities to determine installation parameters, provide information to the Spectrum Access System (SAS), and troubleshoot. Upon completing the course and passing the online certification exam, you will receive your CPI credentials and your information will be automatically registered with WinnForum.

If you want to learn about CBRS in general, but don’t need to be certified, check out our CBRS Professional Training course .


What is CBRS?
-A quick overview of shared spectrum and terminology

The role of CPIs in CBRS
-What are CPIs and why are they needed?

More background on CBRS
-Terminology and concepts

How to do the CPI job
-Detailed information on how to fulfill your responsibilities

Steps to certification
-The path to become CPI certified

The future
-Continuing responsibilities for the CPI and TPA

CPI Exam