BCOC-136 Income Tax Law and Practice

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Week 1

Unit-1: Basic Concepts-I

Unit-2: Basic Concepts-II

Unit-3: Residential Status and Tax Liability

Unit-4: Exempted Incomes

Week 2

Unit-5: Salaries-I

Week 3

Unit-6: Salaries-II

Week 4

Unit-7: Salaries-III

Week 5

Unit-8: Income from House Property

Week 6

Unit-9: Income from Profit and Gains of Business or Profession-I

Week 7

Unit-10: Income from Profit and Gains of Business or Profession-II

Week 8

Unit-11: Income from Profit and Gains of Business or Profession-III

Week 9

Unit-12: Capital Gains Part-A

Week 10

Unit-12: Capital Gains Part-B

Week 11

Unit-13: Income from Other Sources

Week 12

Unit-14: Aggregation of Incomes (Clubbing of Incomes and Deemed Incomes) and Set off and Carry Forward of Losses

Unit-15: Deductions from Gross Total Income

Unit-16: Assessment of Individuals

Week 13

Unit-17: Assessment of Firms

Week 14

Unit-18: Filing of Return and Tax Authorities

Unit-19: Online Filing of Returns

Unit-20: Leading Cases Decided