BCOC-134 Business Mathematics and Statistics

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BCOC-134: Business Mathematics and Statistics


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Part-A: Business Mathematics

Week-1: Matrices

Unit-1: Introduction to Matrices

Week-2: Determinants

Unit-2: Determinants

Week-3: Inverse Matrix

Unit-3: Inverse of Matrices

Week-4: Mathematical Functions

Unit-4: Application of Matrices in Business and Economics;

Unit-5: Mathematical Functions

Week-5: Differential calculus

Unit-6: Limit and Continuity

Week-6: Differentiation-1

Unit-7: Concept of Differentiation

Week-7: Differentiation-2

Unit-8: Maxmima and Minimima of Functions;

Unit-9: Application of Derivatives

Week-8: Basic Mathematics of Finance

Unit-10: Interest Rates;

Unit-11: Compounding and Discounting

Part-B: Business Statistics

Week-9: Univariate Analysis-1

Unit-12: Introduction to Statistics;

Unit-13: Measures of Central Tendency

Week-10: Univariate Analysis-2

Unit-14: Measures of Dispersion

Week-11: Bivariate Analysis-1

Unit-15: Simple Linear Correlation

Week-12: Bivariate Analysis-2

Unit-16: Simple Linear Regression

Week-13: Time Based Data Analysis-1

Unit-17: Index Numbers

Week-14: Time Based Data Analysis-2

Unit-18: Time Series Analysis