Battery Manufacturing: Trends in Battery Engineering

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On this course, you’ll learn how sustainable batteries can play a vital role in a green economy.

The European Commission’s ‘A Clean Planet for all’ sets out a vision of a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. New advances in battery technology can make this a reality, and make battery engineering an exciting career path.

Learn about the importance of batteries for clean energy

Batteries are vital for a sustainable future because of the key part they play in stabilising the power grid and in powering electric vehicles.

You’ll learn exactly what the current trends in battery manufacturing are, and the different ways new batteries and storage technologies can aid clean energy in Europe’s automotive sector and beyond.

You’ll learn about cutting-edge Li-ion battery electrodes, and the new ways they could be applied in energy and industry.

You’ll also get an overview of the latest processes in cell manufacturing.

Examine recent safety issues in battery production and recycling

Battery recycling is a key component of sustainable battery engineering. You’ll identify how recycling can help secure sustainable materials for battery production.

You’ll also learn the latest in recycling technologies for Li-ion batteries, and ultimately be able to describe thermal runaway and important battery safety issues.

This course is for university students and young professionals, and would especially appeal to students studying engineering or professionals orientated to the manufacturing sector.