Basics of Photoshop 2013: Fundamentals for Beginners

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  • Trailer
  • Introduction to Lesson One
  • Welcome to Class!
  • Creating a New Document: Creating Your Canvas, Designing for Web vs. Print
  • A Look Around Photoshop: Windows, Toolbar, Rulers & Guides
  • Introduction to Lesson Two
  • Adjusting and Enhancing a Photograph
  • Cut Something Out Of A Photo
  • Introduction to Lesson Three
  • Free Typing, Text Boxes, and Adjusting Type
  • Layer Styles & Text Effects
  • Introduction to Lesson Four
  • Find Inspiration, Sample Colors, Add Swatches
  • Introduction to Lesson Five
  • Create Your Mood Board Template
  • Arrange Images, Add Typography and Color, Export for Web
  • Explore Design on Skillshare