Basics of Photography

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Week Contents1 Photography: A Timeline Photography, Photograph and Implications
Photography: Early and Modern Cameras 2 Types of Photographic Cameras Elements of Photography Part -1 Elements of Photography Part -2
3 Photography: Vital Controls – Part 1 Photography: Vital Controls – Part 2 Exposure Control
4 ISO, Depth of field and Shutter Types Photography: Image Sensors Photography: Supporting Equipment
5 Photographic Lenses Photography: Lens Accessories Photography: Lens Defects
6 Photography: Writing with Light Photography: Light Photography: Types of lights
7 Photographic Enlarger Photography Processing Composition: Aesthetic Arrangement
8 Role of Photographic Image in Visual Communication Digital File Formats Photo Editing Software and Tools
9 Digital Photography, Pixel & Megapixels The Art of Black & White & Color Photography Painting & Colored Photography 10 Application Areas of Photography Photography in Advertising A Photographer in Making
11 Photojournalism: Part –1 Photojournalism: Part –2 Image and Text - The Captioned Photo
12 Great Photographers: Part – 1 Great Photographers: Part – 2