Basics of Materials Engineering

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The objective of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of materials science and failure theories for design to undergraduate mechanical engineering students. The course is a first level course and hence various concepts such as structure of crystalline materials, defects and their implications to mechanical behavior, the processing of materials through phase diagrams, a detailed discussion on iron-iron carbide equilibrium diagram and heat treatment of steels will be introduced at the introductory level.
Industries that might find this course interesting:
Automotive industries, Heavy machinery, Product development and Process industries

PREREQUISITES :Basic strength of materials, Basic Engineering Mathematics (Matrices, Calculus)INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Caterpillar India Private Limited,Sundaram Clayton,Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS Motors,Lam Research,Siemens Gamesa



Week 1:Introduction,Crystal StructureWeek 2:Imperfections in solidsWeek 3:Imperfections in solids contd.Week 4:Mechanical properties of materials
Week 5:Failure of MaterialsWeek 6:Failure of Materials contd.Week 7:Basics of Fracture MechanicsWeek 8:Fatigue failure theories
Week 9:Fatigue failure theoriesWeek 10:Phase diagramsWeek 11:Phase diagrams contd.Week 12: Thermal Processing and Heat Treatment of Steels