Basic thermodynamics: Classical and Statistical Approaches

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In this course, we will now find out the reason for changes in matters (Chemical Principles II). The earlier course, Chemical Principles I, deals with the matter itself, and the understanding of it comes from quantum mechanics. However, for the change of matter, thermodynamics says the final word. The most critical quantity in thermodynamics is the entropy, and this course is all about understanding entropy and related thermodynamic potentials. Although classical thermodynamics was developed from observations and heuristic understanding, statistical thermodynamics provides a microscopic basis of it. In this course, a holistic approach covering three different approaches (classical, statistical, and postulate-based) of thermodynamics will be covered. The objective of this course is demystification the enigma of entropy.
INTENDED AUDIENCE :First-year undergraduates of B.Sc. in Chemistry. Some of the concepts are helpful for M.Sc. students in physical chemistry and
doctoral students who would need to refresh their concepts of thermodynamics.PRE-REQUISITES :It requires 12th standard mathematics. It requires the knowledge of calculus (differentiation) and basic probability.INDUSTRY SUPPORT : This course will be helpful for all students across disciplines because of its fundamental nature.