Basic Skills in Constructive Communication

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Insufficiently developed skills in constructive communication lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between employees and managers. As a result, effectiveness of business processes, project work and the quality of services are reduced. This applies to any team and organization, and in a broad sense - to society as a whole.

The course will help to:
• Improve interaction with people around - increase its effectiveness
• Learn to formulate and communicate your thoughts and ideas more clearly, be heard
• Accelerate routine processes (due to the ability to set tasks clearly and improved interaction with colleagues)
• Improve personal relationships
• Improve climate/atmosphere of the team environment (business)
• Improve negotiation skills (both at home and at work)

Who is this course for?
Employed people of 21-45 years who have the professional and personal need to take such a course. For those who appreciate the opportunity of not wasting time on offline meetings.

• Those who constantly interact with people and in their professional context (in their team, with other departments, negotiations), and in interpersonal terms.
• For those who feel a stagnation in their careers and understand that for further advancement they lack soft skills.
• For top managers, heads of departments and middle-level managers who want to improve the effectiveness of their teams and their interaction with other departments.
• For employees who feel that they cannot reach out to their managers and, therefore, feel uncomfortable.
• For start-up entrepreneurs who want to build their business more thoughtfully in the field of working with employees.