Basic Psychological Processes

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Week 1

1. Definition, Nature and Scope of Psychology and Goals of Psychology2. Methods of Studying Human Behaviour3. Structure of a Neuron –Neural process, Neurotransmitters4. central Nervous system
Week 2

1. Endocrine system2. Difference between Sensation and Perception, Types of Sensations3. Vision4. Sensory processes
Week 3

1. Attention: Environmental and Personal Factors2. SENSORY AND PERCEPTUAL PROCESSES- DEPTH PERCEPTION MONOCULAR AND BINOCULAR CUES3. Classical Conditioning4. Operant Conditioning
Week 4

1. OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING2. motivational and cognitive influences of verbal learning3. MEMORY4. ForgettingWeek 5

1. Amnesia2. Concept of motivation3. Theory of Hierarchy of needs and Motivational Conflict4. Nature and Types of EmotionsWeek 6

1. Theories of Emotion2. Nature and Types of Thinking3. Theories of Intelligence4. Creativity
Week 7

1. Concept and Nature of Personality2. Trait and Type Approaches3. Psychoanalytic Approach to Personality4. Other Psychodynamic Approches to Personality Week 8

1. Humanistic Approach2. Socio_Cognitive_Approach_to_Personality3. Personality Assessment;Inventories4. Personality assessment:Projective Tests
Week 9

1. Nature & Definition of Intelligence2. Genetic & Environmental Influences on Intelligence3. Concepts - types and processes in concept formation4. Types of Intelligence Tests Week 10

1. Extremes of Intelligence ﻗ°±Distribution of Intelligence, Exceptional and Gifted2. Perception: Gestalt Principles of Perceptual Organization3. Perceptual Constancies4. Methods of Improving Memory – Mnemonics, Organization, Elaboration, Rehearsal - Part-01
Week 11

1. Perceptual Constancies - Durgesh Nandini2. Methods of Improving Memory – Mnemonics, Organization, Elaboration, Rehearsal,-Part-023. Reasoning-Deductive and Inductive4. Problem solving and Decision making

Week 12

1. Characteristics of Consciousness, Levels of Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness2. Nature and Stages of Sleep, Sleep deprivation and Sleep Disorders3. Drug-induced states4. Hypnosis and Meditation5. Dynamics of Human Behaviour – Motivation Cycle, Types of Motives: Biogenic, Sociogenic, Psychogenic (Achievement, power andaffiliation) and Intrinsic and extrinsic