Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering

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The objective of the course is to introduce chemical engineering students to the basic principles and calculation techniques used in the chemical industries and to acquaint them with the fundamentals of the material and energy balances as applied to chemical engineering processes. The course is mainly intended for graduate chemical engineering student. It will expose them to solve the problems in material and energy balances that arise in relation to the problems involving in different chemical process units. It also will introduce them to numerical methods used to solve the problems. The course will introduce in simple language and ample of examples so that it will encourage learners to get used to the course.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Chemical, Biochemical engineering Garduate Student/ Graduate Sudent of chemical science and Technology/Diploma in chemical Engineering/Graduate in petroleum science and technologyPREREQUISITES : 10 + 2 Examination in ScienceINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Industrial research and Developement section of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering