Module 1: Overview of Learning and Instruction
  • An overview of Learning, Instruction and Instructional Methods, Need for a Variety of Instructional Methods, Basic Teaching Model, Principles and Process of Learning and Instruction, Classification of Instructional Methods and Strategies
Module 2: Teacher-Centred Methods
  • Introduction to Teacher- Centred Methods- Lecture Method, Demonstration Method, Question-answer technique, Improved Lecture Method
Module-3: Instructional Methods for developing Practical Outcomes
  • Introduction to Methods for developing Practical Outcomes, Laboratory Work, Workshop Method, Industry/Field Visit, Project Work
Module-4: Student Centred Interactive methods
  • Introduction to Student Centred Interactive methods, Tutorial Method, SeminarMethod, Assignment Method
Module-5: Selecting Instructional Methods using Logical Approach
  • Selection of Instructional Strategy and Methods, Instructional Session Plan