Basic Electrical Circuits

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Week 1 : Preliminaries; Current and voltage; Electrical elements and circuits; Kirchhoff's laws,Basic elements: Voltage and current sources, R, L, C, M; Linearity of elementsWeek 2 : Elements in series and parallel,Controlled sourcesWeek 3 : Power and energy in electrical elements, Circuit Analysis MethodsWeek 4 : Nodal analysis, Extending nodal analysis with different sourcesWeek 5 : Mesh analysis, Circuit theoremsWeek 6 : More circuit theorems, Two port parametersWeek 7 : Two port parameters continued, Reciprocity in resistive networksWeek 8 : Opamp and negative feedback, Opamps cont'd: Example circuits and additional topicsWeek 9 : First Order Circuits, First Order Circuits cont'dWeek 10 : First order circuits with time-varying inputs, Sinusoidal steady state response and total responseWeek 11 : Second order system-Natural response, Second order system-Cont'dWeek 12 : Direct calculation of steady state response from equivalent components, Magnitude and Phase plots; Maximum power transfer theorem