Basic Data Processing and Visualization

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  • Week 1: Introduction to Data Products
    • This week, we will go over the syllabus and set you up with the course materials and software. We will introduce you to data products and refresh your memory on Python and Jupyter notebooks.
  • Week 2: Reading Data in Python
    • This week, we will learn how to load in datasets from CSV and JSON files. We will also practice manipulating data from these datasets with basic Python commands.
  • Week 3: Data Processing in Python
    • This week, our goal is to understand how to clean up a dataset before analyzing it. We will go over how to work with different types of data, such as strings and dates.
  • Week 4: Python Libraries and Toolkits
    • In this last week, we will get a sense of common libraries in Python and how they can be useful. We will cover data visualization with numpy and MatPlotLib, and also introduce you to the basics of webscraping with urllib and BeautifulSoup.
  • Final Project
    • Create your own Jupyter notebook with a dataset of your own choosing and practice data manipulation. Show off the skills you've learned and the libraries you know about in this project. We hope you enjoyed the course, and best of luck in your future learning!