Basic Course in Ornithology

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Week 1:Introduction to Ornithology; Avian Diversity and Classification; Evolution and SpeciationWeek 2:Anatomy and Morphology; Physiology; ColorationWeek 3:Life History; Foraging Behaviour; Mating and Breeding BehaviourWeek 4:Social Behaviour; Methods of Science and Posing Research QuestionsWeek 5:Vocal Behaviour: Mechanisms; Ecology & Evolution; Vocal Behaviour: Case StudyWeek 6:Migration; Basics of Research Design
Week 7:Bird Populations: Concepts; Bird Communities: ConceptsWeek 8:Mixed species flocks; Studying Bird Populations and Communities: TechniquesWeek 9:Avian Disease; Introduction to data visualisation and analysisWeek 10:Biogeography; Macroecology; Macroecology: Case Study
Week 11:Avian Conservation: Concepts; Avian Conservation: Case Studies 1; Avian Conservation: Case Studies 2Week 12:Citizen Science in Ornithology; Molecular Techniques in Ornithology; Molecular Techniques: Case Study