Availability and Management of Groundwater Resources

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Week 1: Introduction of hydrological cycle, need for conservation of groundwater resources Week 2:Geologic formations as aquifers Week 3:Vadose and saturated zones Week 4:Confined and unconfined aquifers and their parameters Week 5:Porosity, permeability, transmissivity and storage coefficient Week 6:Law of groundwater movement, Darcy’s law and applications Week 7:Estimation of Subsurface runoff, Types of wells, Well Hydraulics Week 8:Measurement of rainfall, Index of wetness, Infiltration rate Week 9:Estimation of Total Annual Replenishable Natural Groundwater Recharge Week 10:Groundwater resources planning and management Week 11:Rainwater Harvesting and Artificial groundwater recharge Week 12:Impact of climate change on water resources