Automation in Manufacturing

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Week 1:Introduction: Importance of automation in the manufacturing industry. Use of mechatronics. Systems required.Week 2:Design of an automated system: Building blocks of an automated system, working principle and examples.Week 3:Fabrication: Fabrication or selection of various components of an automated system. Specifications of various elements. Use of design data books and catalogues.Week 4:Sensors: study of various sensors required in a typical automated system for manufacturing. Construction and principle of operation of sensors.
Week 5:Microprocessor Technology: signal conditioning and data acquisition, use of microprocessor or micro controllers. Configurations. Working.Week 6:Drives: electrical drives – types, selection criteria, construction and operating principle.Week 7:Mechanisms: Ball screws, linear motion bearings, cams, systems controlled by camshafts.Week 8:Mechanisms: Electronic cams, indexing mechanisms, tool magazines, and transfer systems.Week 9:Hydraulic systems: hydraulic power pack, pumps, valves.Week 10:Hydraulic systems: designing of hydraulic circuits.Week 11:Pneumatic systems: configurations, compressors, valves, distribution and conditioning. Week 12:CNC technology: basic elements, interpolators and programming.