Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit for Structural Design Exam Prep

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  • Structural Components, Modeling, and Materials.
    • In Week 1, we'll cover the key aspects of starting a structural project, from working with linked or imported files to creating a site file and setting up a shared coordinate system. We'll give an in-depth review of structural elements and learn how to work with selection sets and element materials.
  • Families, Documentation, Views, and Revit Project Management.
    • In week 2, we'll start with an overview of content creation and management, with deep dives on family categories and types. We’ll learn about views, including calls outs, schedules and dependent views. You’ll also learn about annotation families such as tags, detail components, and repeating. This section also covers revisions and revision systems, as well as the setup and management of sheets. Finally, you’ll learn how to perform collaboration and project management within Revit.