Autodesk Certified Professional: Inventor for Mechanical Design Exam Prep

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  • Core Functionality of Autodesk Inventor
    • In week one, we’ll focus on configuring Autodesk Inventor to best organize your projects and we’ll explore and practice many of the solid modeling tools included in Autodesk Inventor. In order to be a certified professional, we need to have a deeper understanding of how Autodesk Inventor manages files, libraries, and the document properties of individual file and styles they use. The solid modeling lessons will test your knowledge of tools we might not use every day. Most people use a few select tools and workflows over and over in their daily work. The certified professional needs to be adept at using standard tools. In the process of preparing for the exam, it’s not uncommon for candidates to discover tools that can greatly improve how they work.
  • Specialized tools, assemblies, and documentation.
    • In Week 2, we’ll complete our preparation for the Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional exam by focusing on sheet metal, assemblies, weldments, drawings, and tools that offer users major productivity gains especially around machine design. We’ll explore these skills in-depth and advance your breath of knowledge to support a professional level command of the skills required by a certified professional.