AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery

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  • Science and Technology
    • Introducing the themes of the course, and a first look at the science and technology we will study.
  • Telescopes and Stars
    • How telescopes work, how we use them to make images in different colours, and how we use those measurements to understand how stars work.
  • Space and Black Holes
    • Hunting for black holes, and why we need to get above the atmosphere to do it.
  • Detectors and the First Galaxies
    • Detectors, how they work, and how we use them to catch the light from the very first galaxies.
  • Computers and Killer Rocks
    • Why computers are crucial in astronomy, and how they are used to find rare objects.
  • Spectroscopy and Dark Energy
    • How to break up light into its component parts, how that allows us to do astrophysics, and why we believe the Universe is full of a mysterious dark energy.