Asset Creation and Management

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  • Asset Import and Configuration
    • For the first part of the course, you'll get an introduction to the course and its Challenge/Solution format, then jump into importing and configuring assets for the Kitchen Configurator project.
  • Material Creation
    • In this section, you'll review the project assets to ensure that all materials were imported correctly. You may have to make some special tweaks of the materials settings in order to get the materials to match the desired specifications.
  • Prefab Creation
    • Next, you'll create and configure Unity prefabs for the objects in the kitchen scene, using the appropriate hierarchies and naming conventions to work with the project code.
  • Course Final Project
    • With the Prefabs created and properly configured, you're now able to make a kitchen layout. To test what you've achieved so far, you'll create your own unique kitchen layout for review by your peers in the course.