Assess for Success: Marketing Analytics and Measurement

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  • Introduction to assess for success: marketing analytics and measurement
    • You will learn about marketing campaigns and how marketers set performance goals. You’ll also explore media planning and practice creating your own media plan. Finally, you’ll be introduced to common tools used in marketing analytics and how they work.
  • Use metrics from Google Analytics and Google Ads
    • You will learn about key metrics and data sources from various platforms. You’ll learn how to use the metrics in Google Analytics and Google Ads to gain insights for marketing campaigns. You’ll also learn how to link data from Google Ads to Google Analytics and export data from both platforms for further analysis.
  • Measure the success of marketing campaigns
    • You will investigate the metrics and outcomes that define a successful marketing campaign. You’ll examine different metrics that help you determine the ROI or ROAS of a marketing project so you can make adjustments to improve returns. You’ll also learn how to plan for and conduct an A/B test to optimize a marketing campaign. Finally, you’ll examine what a successful marketing campaign looks like and what makes it successful.
  • Share metrics and insights with stakeholders
    • You will learn how to work with stakeholders by anticipating their needs and communicating progress or results from a campaign. You’ll explore how to analyze, filter, and prepare metrics and insights to share with them. You’ll also practice creating visualizations, presentations, and a dashboard to clearly summarize insights for stakeholders. Near the end of the course, you’ll apply what you’ve learned by presenting a set of practice insights to stakeholders.