ARPIT 2020 : Online Refresher Course In Chemistry For Higher Education

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This is a Refresher Course for Chemistry Teachers teaching in Higher Education Institutions at Under-Graduate and post-Graduate level. As per UGC and AICTE, this will be treated equivalent to face-to-face Refresher Course in Chemistry as required under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) of UGC.

This is a RE-RUN of ARPIT Chemistry 2019, with same modules and different quizzes.
Note that if you have already done ARPIT-2019, you can only one certificate for CAS promotional requirements.

This online course has been designed and developed by National Resource Centre of Ministry of Educationat Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre, a centre under PMMMNMTT scheme, at SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi with the help of expertise from all over the country. The NRC of Chemistry is guided by Academic Council consisting of eminent Chemist from the leading institutes of the country.   This course has been designed to provide insight into a variety of interesting and meaningful chemistry topics as modules of different types, so that it is useful for all the chemistry teachers irrespective of their specializations. The different type of modules covered in this course have been categorized based on the type their content like ChemNews module which will bring the latest news from the world of chemistry. ChemTalks focus on the Latest Developments as well as new and emerging areas of Chemistry. The ChemSafeLabs modules will emphasize various measures to prevent accidents in chemistry labs. ChemNobelLaureate will take you down the memory lane to discuss the life and contributions of Ernest Rutherford. ChemPedagogy modules will highlight on improving curriculum development and question paper setting. ChemSimplified aims to simplify some difficult concepts of chemistry. ChemICTTools focus on ICT tools which can be embraced by chemistry teachers. To commemorate 150th anniversary of periodic table in 2019, one module is entitled ChemHistory. In ChemError module, emphasis will be on the correct usage of SI units and their recently modified definitions. ChemIndustry modules will focus on the Pharmaceutical industry and career options for chemistry students. ChemMisconceptions will try to clarify some chemistry misconceptions. ChemApplications modules will provide some real life examples to make chemistry teaching interesting in the classrooms. ChemQuest will make you learn chemistry through question and answers in an exciting manner. The course has highly multimedia enriched videos along with text, reading material, references and online Quizzes.
  • Chemistry Teachers teaching in Higher Education Institutions at Under-Graduate and post-Graduate level. (Equivalent to Refresher Course as well as for self-learning)
  • Researech Scholars(For self-learning)
  • Chemistry School Teachers (For self-learning)
  • UG & PG Chemistry Students (For self-learning)