Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation

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This course is designed to address historic preservation and conservation as an approach that establishes a link between past, present and future. Idea is to familiarize the course participants with issues and challenges of heritage areas, about opportunities of heritage structures, sites, precincts and areas, of the need of integrating development with heritage preservation. Evolution of conservation movement, changing concepts and role and policies of various agencies involved in the field of conservation are discussed. Along with definitions and concepts of conservation and heritage, and explanation of various types of heritage, participants are introduced to the international framework of conservation and world heritage scenario. The importance of establishing significance of heritage structures is highlighted through examples. Guidelines for preservation, conservation and restoration of heritage structures, precincts and sites and the process of impact assessment are explained through various case studies. The process of evolving design guidelines for new buildings in historic settings is elaborated with the help of appropriate examples. Along with exposure to management and presentation of heritage buildings and sites, the importance of community participation in the field of heritage conservation is highlighted. An overview of the current status of conservation and preservation in India along with current policies and programmes is also discussed.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Architect, Urban Planner, Conservation Architect, Urban Designer, Civil Engineer, Archaeologist,Artist, Musicologist, Historian, Tourism Managers, Administrators.PREREQUISITES : CoreINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Archaeological Survey, State Archaeology Departments, Tourism Departments, Public Works Departments, Development Authorities, Planning Authorities, Municipal Organisations, Local Planning Bodies, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) and NGOs.